Welcome to Christ King: First Year Students 2021

Welcome First Years 2021

Welcome video from Gemma and Laura.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9EOloO1VZg&feature=youtu.be

Welcome to Christ King Secondary School,

It is wonderful to welcome you to our school community, as we begin a journey we
will share together over the next six years.
It marks a very special time in your life as you prepare to become a member of our
school body.

Our school was founded by the Presentation sisters, under the guidance of the
venerable Nano Nagle. We are committed to providing each one of you with an
environment within which the development of intellectual and spiritual values is of
primary importance.

You often hear that Christ King is a special place, and it is! Its depth of character,
traditions, commitment to academic excellence, and its wonderful staff contribute to
making Christ King an exemplary educational environment. Many of our past pupils,
who keep in regular contact with us, have remarked on their time here in the school
and remember it with warm affection. Hopefully, in time, you too may look back on
your decision to come to Christ King as a defining moment in your educational

Finally, let me thank each one of you for choosing this school. As an open and
a welcoming community, it is our hope and sincerest wish that each girl among you
finds both acceptance and fulfilment in equal measure. I feel certain that you will
thrive and excel here in Christ King, and I look forward to getting to know you all in
the years ahead.

Míle buíochas,
Dr Caroline O’Sullivan Ryan, Deputy Principal to First Year 2021 students

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Ordinarily, at this time we are embarking on phase three of the Transition to Christ King Secondary School journey for your daughter. Unfortunately, we are now entering this stage together remotely but no less connected.

Phase One: Open Night last September where you enjoyed touring the school and meeting the teaching staff.

Phase Two: January, when your daughter embarked upon her entrance assessment and we had the opportunity to meet her pastoral care team.

Phase Three: Part One: Subject Choice

To help you consider which subject would best suit your daughter's learning and interests, we have a number of resources to support you in your decision.

  • Christ King PowerPoint on subject choice. 1st_Year_2020_subject_choice_2020.pptx please click on the image below:



Please find the video link to accompany this powerpoint presentation. Please click here: Video Link to Support Subject Choice

Please find the Junior Cycle Information Sheets for each optional subject in Christ King:

  1. Visual Art Information Leaflet: junior-cycle-visual-art-information-leaflet-pdf
  2. Home Economics Information Leaflet: jc-home economics-leaflet.pdf
  3. Science Information Leaflet:jc-science.pdf
  4. Music Information Leaflet:jct-info-on-music-brochure.pdf
  5. Graphics Information Leaflet:graphics-information-leaflet.pdf
  6. Business Information Leaflet: jc-business-studies-1.pdf
  7. Modern Foreign Language Information Leaflet:jc-modern foreign languages-1.pdf

Some F.A.Q.s regarding subject choice:

Q: How can I know which subjects would best suit my daughter?

A member of our guidance team will be contacting you during the week of Monday 11th May to discuss your daughter's style of learning.

We gathered this information from her entrance assessment. The guidance counsellor will support you in your decision.

Q: What if my daughter is unsure about which subject to choose? We suggest choosing subjects that your daughter finds interesting.
Q: What if my daughter wants to change her mind in September? Students can change subjects if student numbers allow for additional students. Most students have this fear and settle after the first month. If your daughter does not settle, we review the situation with student and parent.
Q: How can I notify the school of my chosen subjects?

Please see the steps below.

How will I inform the school of my daughter's subject choice:

Please click on this link to access a supporting video in uploading your daughter's Subject Option Preferences:Subject Option Video into school admin system

  1. You will receive a text with your VSWare (school admin system) username.
  2. You will be invited to create a password.
  3. Upon entering the site, the opening page will direct you to subject choice.
  4. You will identify the language your daughter wishes to study.
  5. You will then identify the remaining four (one extra) subjects your daughter wishes to study.
  6. Any difficulties please email admin@christkingschool.com and we will contact you to assist you in this task.

Phase Three: Part Two: Becoming Prepared for September 2020

Some F.A.Q.s regarding school preparation:

Q: Where can I find my daughter's Book List? Click across 1st_Year_Booklist_2020.docx

Q: Where can I buy my daughter's uniform?

Click on the Uniform List Tab

Laura's Schoolwear, Dosco Business Park, South Douglas Road.

Laura's have the full uniform and PE list required: Uniform List

Q: When will I be notified of my daughter getting her chosen subjects? The school will email you confirmation during the final week of May.
Q: Will my daughter be in a class with her friends? A number of students from the same primary school may be in each class, as numbers allow. We cannot form classes based on friendship requests. We aim for students to form friendship groups.
Q: How are the classes formed? Classes are mixed ability.
Q: Do I have all the information I need?

Any further information will be emailed to your parental email account.

Q: Who do I contact if I have any issues?

Please email admin@christkingschool.com who will then direct your email to the relevant member of our school team.

Thank you for engaging with us as we prepare to welcome you and your daughter to Christ King in September 2021.

We wish you and your families good health and peace of mind at this time.

Some happy images of your new school for our new first years. Click on the Red Caption below and enjoy.

Some Happy Images of Your New School

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