Teaching & Learning Hub

Welcome to the Teaching & Learning Hub of Christ King Secondary School.

We hope to provide a small window into the teaching and learning environment of our vibrant educational community here at Christ King Girls' Secondary School, Cork.

The Teaching & Learning Leading Team has been recently established and we look forward to promoting positive learning experiences for all in Christ King.

Student Mentoring

1st year students are working with TY students in the TOMAR Room to consider strategies for supporting all 1st Year students as they continue to transition from primary to post-primary school. The emphasis in these sessions is on helping students to complete homework assignments and offering support to students on how to manage their time and learning more effectively. Students are also encouraged to develop their organisational skills in specific subject areas.


Goal Setting for 5th Years

5th Years had a brief talk recently from a member of the Guidance team on the topic of goal setting in learning. Next term each 5th Year student will liaise with members of the Christ King teaching staff to discuss their personal learning goals. It is hoped this process will empower students to take ownership of their learning and become active participants in the learning environment.


Teach Meet Session

A number of teachers gathered for a lunchtime Teach Meet session to discuss research into the impact of mobile phones on student learning

According to the research, schools which limit the use of mobile phones see better academic performance in students. The benefits of limiting mobile phone use among young people include positive emotional wellbeing, a reduction in online bullying, and the promotion of deeper peer relationships.


CAO Information Evening

There was a big attendance at a recent CAO Information Evening session for parents and students.

Members of the Guidance Department made presentations to highlight the steps involved in the CAO application process. The session was aimed at creating confidence among parents and students as they continue their Leaving Cert journey in Christ King. The Guidance Department will continue their valuable work in assisting students as they make decisions in relation to their choices for Third Level.


1st Year Parent Information Evening

A large number of 1st year parents attended an online Information Evening in relation to their daughter’s learning in first year.

Parents were addressed by the Principal, Deputy Principal & Year Tutors on topics such as student wellbeing, organisational skills and the language of learning. The presentation also covered topics such as the importance of physical exercise, remaining connected to friends & family, and striking a positive work/life balance. Parents were provided with strategies to support their daughter’s wellbeing for the coming academic year.

Many thanks to all the parents & guardians who attended on the night.

Christ King is delighted to welcome 1st Year students into the school community and we look forward to exciting times ahead.


Mindfulness Sessions

In an attempt to support the wellbeing of the whole Christ King community, a link to a weekly mindfulness session will be shared with students on Monday mornings at 8am. It is envisioned these sessions will enable students and teachers to take a moment out of their very busy schedules to reflect on their lives. Reflection is a key component of learning and it is hoped these mindfulness sessions will support the learning of all in Christ King.



We are very excited to have the TOMAR Room in Christ King as a focal point for Teaching & Learning. The colourful jigsaw tables facilitate individual, group and whole class learning. The multicoloured environment enhances students’ learning and provides them with opportunities to develop their unique learning capacities. We are very grateful to the TOMAR Trust for funding this room.


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