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Welcome to the Teaching & Learning Hub of Christ King Secondary School.

It hopes to provide a small window into the teaching and learning environment of our vibrant educational community here at Christ King Girls' Secondary School, Cork. Teaching & Learning in Christ King is integral to everything we do every day.

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The Teaching & Learning Leading Team has been recently established and we look forward to promoting positive learning experiences for all in Christ King.

Learning Log Journals

Students in 2nd year are continuing to reflect on their learning using their Learning Logs. During this reflection process students consider areas of learning that are going well and in need of improvement.

The Learning Log replaces Reflective Journals as a means of recording student reflections on learning. Student surveys had revealed the introduction of Reflective Journals resulted in a 15% increase in the number of students who now reflected on their learning. Although this was a positive finding, student focus groups revealed the limited space in the Journal posed a problem. This observation led to the introduction of the Learning Log initiative.

It is hoped this initiative will be offered to our 1st Year students after Christmas. The success of the Learning Log will be reviewed in May 2020 following the analysis of further student surveys and focus groups.

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Peer Tutoring

The Teaching & Learning Team are currently organising student learning seminars in our newly refurbished Tomar Room. We are exploring peer to peer tutoring and how students can offer advice to other students on how best to enhance their learning. Students may share their own experiences of learning using study aids like concept mapping, visual diagrams, note taking etc. The benefit of making these sessions subject specific is also being examined, where students could relay how they successfully managed their learning in particular subject areas and which strategies helped best to maintain their focus, including their CBA experiences.


We are very excited to have the TOMAR Room in Christ King as a focal point for Teaching & Learning. The colourful jigsaw tables facilitate individual, group and whole class learning. The multicoloured environment enhances students’ learning and provides them with opportunities to develop their unique learning capacities. We are very grateful to the TOMAR Trust for funding this room.


Student Support Sessions

1st year teachers met recently over the course of 4 mornings in the TOMAR Room to consider strategies for supporting 1st Year students as they continue to transition from primary to post-primary school. The emphasis in these meetings was on care for the student and ways teachers could support students to manage their time and learning more effectively. Teachers were also encouraged to find ways to support students to develop their organisational skills in specific subject areas.

E-Learning Teacher Presentation

A member of our E-Learning Team made a short presentation to teachers in the TOMAR Room on how to create podcasts and videos using the Powtoons website, a resource which is beneficial for educational settings.

Using digital learning as a means to ‘story tell’ or explain a concept can enable students of all abilities to learn in different ways. Students are challenged to produce a video that requires an in-depth understanding of a particular topic. This active approach to learning, in which there is a tangible output, can increase student engagement in their learning.

The Powtoons resource was also presented as a way for various subject departments and
committees to showcase, on a digital platform, their hard work throughout the year.

CKSS hopes to avail of this resource in the future to promote e-learning and engagement among students and across the wider school community.

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