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Our Numeracy Team of 2020 has gone digital. The weekly quizzes and problem solving you enjoyed have moved online, allowing us all to engage with new terms and ideas commonly found in maths.

Please watch this week's CKSS Word of the Week Video whenever you have the opportunity. It is a nice way to develop your mathematical language.
Week 8th March 2021: This week's video focuses on Vertex.

Week 1st March 2021: Place Value
Week 14th Dec 2020: Score

Week 30th Nov 2020: Magnitude
Week 23rd Nov 2020: Ascending

Week 12th Oct 2020: Integer
Week 5th Oct 2020: Ordinal

Week 29th September: This week's video focuses on Inverse. The video this week is accessible using the link below:
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Congratulations to Ayushi Majajan and Harini Rameshkumar, selected as one of five finalists.
The results are in for our April Run/Walk Challenge, the Winners are.....
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