Parental Voluntary Contribution

Parental Voluntary Contribution

August 2020

Parental Voluntary Contribution From 2020Parental Voluntary Contribution Form 2020-2021.docx

Dear Parent/Guardian,

The Board of Management wishes to express its gratitude to our parents for their continued financial support of Christ King school. Without the financial support of our parents, school developments such as those outlined below would not be possible. In partnership with you, our parents, we hope to continue to work together to provide an innovative and creatively inspiring learning environment.

During the academic year of 2019/2020 school developments have included the following:

  • Replacement of student desks and classroom seating.
  • Internal painting of 14 classrooms, corridors, stairwells and reception area.

During the summer months the following works shall be undertaken:

  • Creation of a central prayer room.
  • Development of external social areas to include extensive student seating.

This year the Board of Management has reduced the requested school administration and school development cost from €180 to €100 per student. The Board has reduced this contribution request to €100 wishing to achieve full support from all of our parents.

While acknowledging this is a voluntary parental contribution to the school, I ask for parents to reflect on the areas supported by their payment.

  • Subsidising visiting speakers and excursions to support student wellbeing and development: €20
  • Printing and photocopying of class materials for the convenience of all students: €20
  • Additional maintenance of e-learning platforms and provision: €20
  • Parental communication via text service: €20
  • Upgrading of school facilities which are not currently supported by the Department of Education grant assistance: €20.

Yours sincerely,

Ms. Richel Long, Principal and Secretary to the Board of Management

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