Parental Presentations

Parent/Teacher meeting Presentation to Parents of First Years 2019

1st Year 2019 Parental Presentation at P/T meeting.pptx

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Transition Year Parents' & Guardians' Presentation.

Senior Subject Choice Thursday 6th February 2020

Subject Choices at Senior Cycle.pdf

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First-Year 2020 Parents & Guardian Presentation.

Presented to Parents on the Entrance Assessment Day Wednesday 29th January 2020

Christ King Girls’ Secondary School Transition To Secondary School Part 1.pdf


Third Year Parental Presentation on Metacognition: Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation of Learning; How Parents can support.

3rd Year Parent Metacognition Presentation.pdf


CAO / College Progression Parental Presentation: Information for Parents of Students currently in Sixth Year (2019/2020)

CAO Oct 22nd 2019.pdf

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Joining CKSS: Parental Presentation prior to students joining Christ King Girls' Secondary School.
Subject Choice 1st Year 2019.jpg

New Junior Cycle: Information for Parents/Guardians of Students currently (2019/2020) in Third Year.
Junior Cycle Information Evening 3rd year parents.jpg

Transition Year: Parental Presentation for Parents of Students considering engaging with Transition Year.

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