Learning in Junior Cycle

The new Junior Cycle features newly developed subjects and short courses, a focus on key skills, and new approaches to assessment and reporting.

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This is an exciting time as the Junior Cycle is going through huge changes.
We held a meeting in October 2019 for 2nd and 3rd year parents to inform them of some changes happening in both learning and assessment for our students.

Through our bespoke CKSS Junior Cycle Parental Handbook,


you will find details of the new subject specification, models of assessment and explanation of the language of reporting. Click on the link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Xl6M022BSWNnhO7vBGFl-eDWmgDM8PUM/view

Below you will find links to some of the resources we accessed on the night. Please click on the presentation to view it.

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Entrance Assessment and Formation of Class

All students who have been offered a place will be assessed in the January prior to entry. There are five mixed ability classes in each Year; A, B, C, D and E. This assessment is not an examination in the competitive sense; it is merely to help to arrange the students in classes of mixed ability and to identify any student who may need extra help.

After October mid-term, in Second Year students will be set in Higher or Ordinary Level Mathematics classes on the basis of

  • Teacher's assessment
  • Tests during First Year
  • Development of moral and spiritual growth through Religious Education.
  • Development of emotional and social growth through Social, Personal and Health Education and Wellbeing.
  • Development of physical growth through Physical Education.
  • Development of artistic growth through Speech and Drama, Choir and Art.
  • Development of a critical sense throughout.

It is recommended that all students study a modern language in the interest of balance and career options.


The following subjects are compulsory for all students at Junior Cycle:
English, Irish, Mathematics, French, History, Geography, Religious Education and CSPE (Civic, Social & Political Education).

Students choose three further subjects from the list below:

  • Science
  • Business Studies
  • German
  • Art
  • Home Economics
  • Music
  • Technical Graphics

We always endeavour to ensure that every single student gets the opportunity to study any three subjects that she wishes.
The syllabus/specifications for each subject is prescribed by the Department of Education and Science.

Our wellbeing programme at Junior Cycle consists of PE, SPHE (Social Personal Health Education), Drama & Dance.

Methods of Assessment

  • Regular assessment in each subject throughout the year.
  • Christmas and summer examinations followed by reports (1st and 2nd).
  • Classroom Based Assessments (CBAs) in 2nd and 3rd year.
  • Assessment Task in 3rd year.
  • Junior Certificate Examination at end of Third Year (Pre exams in February).
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