Learning Goals, Progression and Review

In Christ King, we are committed to the following learning goals:

  • Students are motivated to learn through having a clear sense of attainable and challenging learning outcomes.
  • Students have the skills to modify and adapt their behaviour when required, and recognise the need to do so themselves.
  • Students demonstrate very good subject knowledge and subject skill, and demonstrate this at the relevant assessment points in the year.
  • Students achievement in summative assessments, including certificate examinations, is in line or above expectations.

Christ King PDCA Learning Cycle:

PDCA Learning Model.png

Athena Tracker

Christ King uses the Athena Tracker software tool to support our PDCA Learning Model which creates a students' baseline potential in each subject in each exam. This baseline is based on a national statistical model.


  • Have a clear sense of attainable and challenging learning outcomes
  • Have the skills to modify and adapt their behaviour when required
  • Assess their progress realistically, describing their strengths and areas for development as learners
  • Have a sense of ownership of their work and taking responsibility for improving it.
  • Complete regular assessments in all subject areas to ensure that they have an opportunity to demonstrate understanding as well as receiving feedback on their areas of strengths and areas for improvements. Both summative and formative feedback are used by teachers to help students to progress their learning.
  • Can use the student journal to allow them to monitor and track their academic progress, target grades and to carry out self-assessment. This journal is reviewed regularly by class teachers and year tutors.


  • Design and prepare lessons in advance tailored to match the specific learning intentions of each lesson and individual students' needs
  • Plan for assessing all relevant aspects of students' learning using both assessment of and assessment for learning
  • Teachers tailor assessment strategies to meet individual learning needs.
  • Use feedback to work with students on clear strategies for improvement.
  • Share success criteria with students so they can assess their own learning through self and peer assessment.
  • Attend regular review meetings with guidance counsellors and members of the senior management team to ensure that all students are meeting their targets.


  • Have an opportunity to engage with their daughter in setting realistic learning goals.
  • Receive feedback in reports and at parent teacher meetings on their daughters' performance in relation to their learning goals.
  • Have a unique insight into their daughter's lived experience in school through our VSware school administration system where information on academic reports, attendance and behaviour can be viewed by them

Academic Awards & Scholarships

An annual award ceremony is held whereby awards are presented to students who have excelled academically in specific subject areas. Students are recognised for their outstanding examination results as well as other academic accolades such as scholarships.

Annual scholarships are awarded to the top performing academic students in each year group. These scholarships motivate students to surpass their intended learning and reward students who strive to improve their academic performance.

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