About Us

Christ King is a Catholic Secondary School under the trusteeship of C.E.I.S.T.

The Core Values of C.E.I.S.T. are :

Promoting Spiritual and Human Development We believe a knowledge of and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ gives meaning and purpose to our lives. Achieving Quality in Teaching and Learning We are committed to excellence and to continually improving the quality of teaching and learning. Showing Respect for Every Person.-We respect the unique and intrinsic value of every person.

Creating Community. – Our schools are faith communities of welcome and hospitality where Gospel values are lived and where there is special care for those most in need.

Being Just and Responsible. – We seek to act justly and responsibly in all our relationships. Christ King Girls’ Secondary School is a Christian community of students, staff, parents/ guardians and management bearing witness to the values of Nano Nagle, our foundress.

MISSION STATEMENT of Christ King Girls’ Secondary School

Our mission is to respect the uniqueness of each person within the school community. • We are committed to providing an environment within which the development of intellectual and spiritual values is of prime importance. • Our hope is that this mission will be fulfilled in co-operation and partnership with pupils, parents and the wider community.

Curriculum Junior Cycle; Irish, English, Mathematics, French, German, History, Geography, Religion, Science, Business Studies, Home Economics, Music, Art, P.E., CSPE, Computer Studies, Health Education, Technical Graphics.

Senior Cycle; Irish, English, Mathematics, French, German, History, Geography, Religion, P.E., Personal Development, Health Education, Applied Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Accounting, Business, Economics, Music, Art, Home Economics, Career Guidance, Design and Communication Graphics.

Transition Year: The Transition Year programme is an option offered to students after Junior Certificate. This course is intended to cater for students’ needs and capacities within a framework of a broad, general education which would include and integrate academic study and careers education.

The above curriculum will be offered subject to demand.