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Applied Maths is offered in the school as an extra subject at Senior Cycle.

What is Applied Mathematics?

Applied Mathematics is the study of the practical applications of mathematics to real world and physical problems. Applied Mathematics is ideal for any student who has a strong ability in maths and has a passion for problem solving and applying their mathematical knowledge to specific tasks.

What is on the Applied Mathematics Course:

The Applied Mathematics course consists of 10 topics, which lead to 10 questions in the state exam (please note that there may be cross-over of content between questions). Students are required to answer 6 questions in the exam.

The 10 topics are:

1. Uniform Acceleration

2. Relative Velocity

3. Projectiles

4. Newton’s Laws and Connected Particles

5. Impacts and Collisions

6. Circular Motion

7. Statics

8. Moments of Inertia

9. Hydrostatics

10. Differential Equations

Who should consider studying Applied Mathematics:

Applied Mathematics is a subject option for Senior Cycle only. It is not a requirement to study physics alongside Applied Mathematics, however it has been observed that the content cross-over between the subjects proves to work well for students who do study both.

A strong ability and interest in maths is desirable. The time is not focused on the mechanics of the actual mathematics, but rather on the new physics-based content, so any student who would wish to study this subject should feel a high level of confidence in their mathematical ability.

The applied mathematics classes are held outside the school timetable. Class tests are held throughout the year upon completion of a topic, as well as during House Exam times for 5th year students.

Career Prospects:

Studying Applied Maths enables students achieve employment and career prospects at the top end of the market in very diverse areas.

The following represent just some of the areas which students end up in after studying Applied Maths.

* Actuary

* Architecture

* Astronomy

* Business

* Computer Programming...animated films, computer games

* aided design, nano-technology

* Education

* Engineering

* Forensics and Genetics...DNA codes

* Hardware design...iPhones, speakers etc

* Maths

* Medicine

* Meteorology

* Pharmaceuticals

* Robotics

* Science

* Statistician in the Central Statistics Office or in a Casino

* The army ballistics division

Useful Websites:

There are plenty of useful websites to aid understanding and practice exam questions.

1. (Includes excellent notes and an archive of exam papers and solutions going back to 1970)

2. 3. (Includes excellent simulations and demos for connected particles) 4. (Official state examinations website) 5. (To keep your mind active) 6. (To practice your projectiles!) 7. (To practice your impacts and collisions)

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