Learning School Project 3 — Gathering our Classroom Methodologies

Christ King Girls’ Secondary School is a learning community, actively involved in school self-evaluation and school improvement initiatives. Following an innovative project in phase 2 of the Learning Schools Project on the Induction of First Year Students at Christ King the school embarked on The Learning School Project 3 (LSP3).

The Learning Schools Projects require a change of mindset which involves re-conceptualising the teaching-learning dynamic, re-imaging the roles of teachers and students in the process and developing a new vision for the school. The focus of this year’s LSP3 project was to investigate how effective methodologies in the classroom can impact positively and productively on teaching and learning and classroom management. A number of teachers conducted in-school In-Service for teachers including group work strategies, integration if ICT into teaching & learning and other active classroom methodologies.

This project also draws on our experiences of Barrie Bennett’s Instructional Leadership programme and forms an important element of our Literacy & Numeracy strategy. It also fits very well with our preparations for the introduction of the new Junior Cycle which will be rolled out from September 2014 and of which Christ King is one of 40 pilot schools. Joanne Brosnan and Cáit Watkins showcased the project findings at  Ag Foghlaim le Chéile, in the Charleville Park Hotel on September 19th. They are currently setting up a teacher’s resource room to assist teachers in having a one stop centre for all teaching methodology resources.

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