The Principal of Christ King Girls’ Secondary School, Ms Mary Keane, has wished all her students, staff, and their families, a happy Christmas holiday period in her annual message.

“I hope that all our students have a very happy Christmas holidays and they, and their families, have a peaceful and restful time but remember – you are Christ King girls and we expect you represent the values of your school. There are people who, particularly at this time of year, are finding life very tough– financially; emotionally; physically. You must be the beacon of hope in their lives – you are the future, you are Ireland’s future, so you need to make sure you represent it well.

The first thing you need to do is to share – share your gifts, share your time, share your skills. For instance to you, mobile phones and satellite television, computers and emails, texts, and the like are second nature – but to some older people they can be as from a different planet. So when you call on your neighbours, as I urge our girls to do every year, why not ask them if there is anything they need – a TV tuned, a plug changed, a text replied to.

For those who are in their exam years: enjoy your time off and try to come back relaxed and refreshed after your well-deserved break.

At this time of year we also need to remember those who have passed and our thoughts and prayers particularly go to the family of Aoife Downey, our pupil who was taken from us last Christmas.

To all our students, staff, past and present and all their families,”nollaig shona daoibh go léir.”

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